Our high quality printers can print the perfect image to many types of material.  Posters are a great option for indoor point of sale or outdoor shop display signage.

  • Full colour high resolution digital print
  • Various stock options depending on application
  • Water and UV Resistant available
  • Tear resistant available
  • Standard and custom sizes available
    (we use our in house cutting machine to cut to whatever size you wish)
  • Posters can be used in many types of applications including: promotions, presentations, laminated, fabric, outdoors, indoors, in lightboxes hanging, display cases to name a few…..
  • We can laminate using many different types of products to give a different look and feel
  • We offer special pricing for bulk orders
  • Ask our specialist team for more information if you are unsure of what you would like

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  • Length (mm) x Width(mm) x Height(mm)